Can’t wait to see Tywin Lannister die tonight.

13 Jun 14 at 3 pm


Against Modern Football

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Against Modern Football
02 Jun 14 at 4 pm


Stelvio 1961, Charly Gaul

Gavia 2014, Sirotti

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30 May 14 at 8 am

All you fuckers in Europe I’m coming to hang in two weeks.

09 May 14 at 8 pm

Norfolk is on there. So crazy to think about.

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07 May 14 at 8 pm

Asked by eee-in

asker "make better deicisons in life and you won't be working a minimum wage job". I seriously think somebody needs to drag you outside and beat the actual hell out of you. A job is a job. Work is work. A job is a job. It doesn't make it any less because its "minimum wage". You're a fucking joke



I live in north Texas come get me

north texas is big as shit, fambo. i’mma need you to throw me an address

I’ll follow up. I hate everything Texas.

05 May 14 at 3 am

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